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Lets Play REDBALL 4 w/ CHASE + BURP Contest! (Volume 1: Levels 1-8 FGTEEV Kids iPad Gameplay)

Dad & Chase are playing Redball 4! A subscribe recommendation! Thank you Miriam Flores! THUMBS UP FOR MORE REDBALL 4!

Annoying Orange Let's Play Temple Run 2!

NEWEST VIDEO: http://bit.ly/30MinsAO ➤ AO GAMING CHANNEL! ▸ http://bit.ly/AOGaming ➤ Don't be an apple! Subscribe! It's FREE! ▸ http://bit.ly/AOSub ...

Thule Atmos X5 Review - 15ft Drop Tested - iPhone 6

Not the best waterproof iPhone case but definitely one of the toughest! Get it on Amazon: http://mreh.ca/1P3Ya7n Blog review: ...

Craft and Business of Children's Publishing | Brain Burps About Books Podcast

http://www.katiedavis.com/podcast is how you subscribe to the podcast. At the end of the video - where the bloopers are (that big ole red button!) is where you ...

Zoomer Dino Jester - Zombie, Burps, Farts, New Remote

We have a hands on with Zoomer Dino Jester. The new version of Zoomer Dino for this year offers an array of different mischievous modes. Hypnotise him and ...

Dad & Kids play Pixel Gun 3D: SURVIVAL RACE (pt. 3) (iOS Multiplayer Face Cam)

Mike, Lex & Dad all race to see who can get the furthest on the SURVIVAL MODE in the Pixel Gun 3d APP! Who wins!?!?!?!!?/!/! Enjoy! Pixel Gun with Dad & Son ...

7 Types of Gamer Girls

We haven't done a skit for you awesome fans in a while, so we hope you enjoy this one! In this video, we go through a few different versions of the gamer girls ...

Zoomer Dino Boomer, Hands-On Review. Prehistoric Interactive Pet

Zoomer Dino Boomer Review http://www.daddoes.com/10877/review-zoomer-dino-pet/ Today we finally got our hands-on the Zoomer Dino from Spin Master.

iLingus Review

SICK BRICKS Epic Toy Review w/ Animated Fun! HUGE UNBOXING w/ FGTEEV Kids (23 Toys)

It's BEAM TIME! Sick Bricks are here! But first, WHAT ARE SICK BRICKS?? Find out from Lexi and Mike, the FGTEEV Kids as they find out themselves!

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