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oᑎᑕe i tᑌᖇᑎeᗪ it oᑎ it ᔕᑌᗪᗪeᑎᒪy ᒍᑌᔕt ᖴᒪᗩᔕᕼeᗪ oᖴᖴ ᖴI᙭ IT!


It crashed before It even loaded

Doesn't work

Fails to launch on multiple phones.


It's a fraud! It doesn't load. Might be a bug but seems like a fraud


It won't work I can't even get on the app and someone els got it and it won't work either so don't wast ur storage on this dumb thing!!!


It crashed every time I tried to get into it

So stupid!!!

I press the button the app goes black for 2 seconds and then goes back to the home screen!😡


The dummmest app ive wver seen who ever made this

super bad

cant even open it up!

Waist off time

No wonder its free it dosent even work


This app is horrible do not download a app that opens would be nice


Doesn't work


The stupid app doesn't even open!

Dumb app

It kept crashing when i tried to open it up.DONT GET!!!!

Piece of junk

This app is a piece a junk and is crashing every time I open this app. The Person who invented this app is really dumb and stupid. I am deleting this app right now.


This is the worst app I've ever had it doesn't even load at all actually make a good app next time


IT DONT LOAD!!! Doesn't deserve ANY stars


Doesn't load

Hate it!

Hey RuffleMyFeathers, you can't get this app, go waste ur bad app burp button, stop wasting cake collapse!

Doesn't work!

It keeps crashing. Please fix and I will rate this app 5 stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is dumb

Yauh so it won't load so I'm gonna delete it. Work on some actually cool apps? Id suggest make an app where you can hear different versions of blondie singing one way or another or do you have to go on ITunes to listen? I'm never playing this unless it really works! So you understand write............ This is not funnnny! So seriously let me delete it! Delete it! Delete it! Right now

Please fix

When I opened the app it crashed so fix it plz😊

I don't like it

I would give this app one star because I couldn't even open up the stupid app

App will not launch

Needs work


Total crap

Do not get

It doesn't even open


Does not work

Does not work

Oh well...


Worst app ever it's the first app that has crashed I wish there was a no star if u aggre re post this


This is terrible I bought the full version for $2.99 and I can't even open it with out it crashing. Dont waste your time or money for this app!!!!!!!


Do not buy I installed it and it wouldn't let me no matter how many stars it gets don't get it!


Every time I try to pull it up it go's back to the home screen :(


Every time I open it up it shuts off I look forward to a hilarious burp, stupid!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

Lame don't download

It crashes down before it even loads LLLLLLLLLAAAAAAMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!


I hate it it's not a good app

Didn't work

Crashed every time I tried to open it

Will not open

I tap the app and it crashes before the app even tries to run


Didn't work! When I went to go on it the screen was black and said it was loading and went back to home page. Wish I could rate -15 stars.


If u get even think about getting this game, just remember, IT SOUNDS SO FAKE! It would be really dumb to get it. DONT GET IT. ITS A BIG WASTE. So what if I'm shouting a lot. It stands out more. BYE.


Don't get this Sounds soooooooooooo fake

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